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Fulda bike path - Section 2

From the baroque town of Fulda to the festival town of Bad Hersfeld.

Difficulty Fitness Beauty Popularity

Radtour   Distance   Duration
easy 50 km 3.5 h
Starting point of the tour


Destination of the tour

Bad Hersfeld


Fulda, Pfordt, Schlitz, Niederaula, Bad Hersfeld

Castles, ruins and festivals

The cathedral city of Fulda, with its baroque district, the many churches, the town palace and the lively historic downtown, exudes a very special kind of charm. From here on you ride along the river through a very impressive and scenic part of the Fulda valley.

Right after passing through the half-timbered village of Pfordt, you reach the foot of the 4-castle town Schlitz, travelling on partly hilly paths along meadows and fields. Although the romantic castle town, with its beautiful half-timbered buildings, castle towers and ruins, is not directly on the way, it is well worth a quick side trip.

The bike path crosses the Fulda in Unter-Schwarz. The path now continues as a relaxed ride on the old railway track, which was converted into the bike path. You then cycle from Niederaula on a recently expanded bike path through the idyllic Fulda valley to Bad Hersfeld.

You can see the ruins of the Bad Hersfeld's Abbey, the largest Romanesque church ruins in the world already from the distance. The popular Bad Hersfelder Festival takes place here each summer.

Tourist-Information Fulda
Bonifatiusplatz 1, 36037 Fulda
Phone (0 66 1) 102 18 14

Touristinformation Schlitz
An der Kirche 4, 36110 Schlitz
Phone (0 66 42) 970-0

Tourist-Information Bad Hersfeld
Am Markt 1
36251 Bad Hersfeld
Phone (0 66 21) 20 12 74


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