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Fulda bike path - Section 3

From the festival city Bad Hersfeld into the half-timbered town of Melsungen.

Difficulty Fitness Beauty Popularity

Radtour   Distance   Duration
easy 58 km 4 h
Starting point of the tour

Bad Hersfeld

Destination of the tour



Melsungen, Malsfeld, Morschen, Rotenburg, Bad Hersfeld

Half-timbered idylls and nature experiences

The spa and festival town of Bad Hersfeld, subject of many legends, offers a fabulous ambience with the Abbey ruins and more than 210 buildings listed on the historical registry.

From here, you pass through a wooded nature reserve with magnificent views of the vast Fulda valley. Passing the former railway junction in Bebra, you now reach the romantic half-timbered town of Rotenburg on the Fulda.

Here you can enjoy some refreshments at the narrowest point of the central Fulda valley. The route continues along the river, away from traffic, past the biotope of the former gravel pit Baumbach, which is known to be popular with birds.

A most extraordinary experience will be a ride on the bike cable car system, unique to Germany, between Malsfeld-Beiseförth and Morschen-Binsförth. Hesse's only wicker museum and the Cistercian nunnery Haydau in Morschen are just a few highlights on the way.

In Melsungen, visitors find many lovingly decorated half-timbered houses and one half-timbered house in particular, designated as the most beautiful in Germany.

Tourist-Information Bad Hersfeld
Am Markt 1
36251 Bad Hersfeld
Phone (0 66 21) 20 12 74

Stadtentwicklung Bebra GmbH
Rathausmarkt 1, 36179 Bebra
Phone (0 66 22) 501 222

Tourist-Information Rotenburg a. d. Fulda
Marktplatz 2
36199 Rotenburg a. d. Fulda
Phone (0 66 23) 55 55

Gemeindeverwaltung Morschen
Paul-Frankfurth-Str. 11
34326 Morschen
Phone (0 56 64) 94 94-0

Kultur- & Tourist-Info Melsungen
Am Markt 5, 34212 Melsungen
Phone (0 56 61) 708-200


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